The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

The drumbeat of austerity continues.  From Europe to America, corporatists and technocrats – who see themselves as political pragmatists – keep insisting there isn’t sufficient funds available to maintain the social progress of the post-World War II era.  They keep saying this despite admitting that the neoliberal policies they’ve been supporting for decades have caused the worsening economic inequality which is reducing consumer demand and robbing governments of necessary tax revenues.  How is it “pragmatic” for centrist politicians to cut vital social services with one hand while pushing for more neoliberal policies with the other?

Then, they have the nerve to scratch their heads in confusion when the people reject their doublespeak and turn to increasingly extreme political alternatives.

And, no cuts to social services are more devastating than those being directed against public education.  Without an educated populace, high-tech jobs cannot be filled, economic conditions…

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