The government says it wants to withdraw from every aspect of our lives – shrink the state and make us all self-sufficient, so why haven’t our taxes gone down as services have been removed and reduced?

Why does meddling, nit-picking legislation continue to increase,  undermining independence and stifling initiative?

Why is the state attempting to exercise surveillance over every citizen and pry into every area of our lives, destroying privacy?

While services are removed state meddling in our lives has never been greater.

Like kings of old they take our taxes – almost half of everyone’s income, and do their best to provide nothing for it.

They abandon state responsibilities while trying to micro-manage every aspect of our lives – not just what we do, but how we do it and even tell us what we are supposed to think about it.

I’m all for shrinking the state. First thing when services are removed, taxes go down. The state will stop micro-managing our lives with meddling, unnecessary legislation – and make a priority of getting rid of redundant  rules. And the state will stop prying and attempting to surveill the life of every citizen – and we don’t need the government to tell us what to think.

Yes, I want the government to leave me alone. To stop taking taxes which it has no intention of paying back in services. Remove its endless fiddling rules so that I can’t play music in public or make a pot of jam without a licence. To take down its surveillance cameras and stop demanding access to my medical records, bank accounts and details of my private life.

All our taxes are being extorted then used against us, to spy and pry and manipulate, and find ever more ingenious ways to exploit and control.

We are not being governed we are being conned.

No taxation without representation stands true.

We are no longer being represented. Taxation in these circumstances is theft. We are being conned.