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Source: What is Killing Bees Most of All? Interspecies Communicator Tells


Makia Freeman

April 15, 2016

killing bees

Neonicotinoid pesticides, GMOs, EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and geoengineering are all killing bees. Which is the biggest cause for concern?

You may already be aware how humanity is killing bees

through a variety of methods. In an earlier article The Top 4 Reasons for the Bees Dying Off, I discussed how neonicotinoid pesticides, GMOs, EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and geoengineering were all contributing to disrupting and killing bees, through phenomena like CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Mankind is gravely endangering its own survival on the planet by injuring the bees like this, since we are all dependent on bees for pollination and our food supply. Einstein famously said that humanity would only survive for 4 years if the bees were wiped out. There may well be more than 4 ways in which humanity is killing bees, but a recent interview…

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