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(Voice of the Persecuted) It’s been over two years since 276 majority Christian girls were taken from their school in Chibok, Borno State by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram in Nigeria. 56 girls had managed to escape, but 219 remained in captivity. The militant group has been terrorizing Nigeria and targeting Christians in their campaign for an all Islamic Nigeria for the past for 7 years. They are currently ranked as the deadliest terrorist group in the world. According to the latest reports, one of the Chibok school girls has been found alone by members of a local vigilante group known as Civilian JTF(Joint Task Force). Apparently she was recognized by a civilian fighter. Since the Boko Haram uprising, local authorities have encouraged these civilian groups to be alert and to protect their villages, as the military did not have the ability to police their areas and often could…

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