Social Action 2014

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A song about housing and gentrification, written by young people in Brixton.
In 2015 members of the anti-gentrification community campaign ‘Our Brixton’ delivered free arts workshops at Cressingham Gardens Estate in Brixton. The estate faces an ongoing threat of demolition by Lambeth Council, with hundreds of residents facing displacement and homelessness. The arts workshops titled ‘The Art of Change’ included Theatre, Rap, Singing, Graffiti and Beatboxing workshops; serving to provide young people in the area with the opportunity to discuss, understand and come to terms with the changes they are seeing around them, in their community and at home.
As part of the project, workshop participants worked with Potent Whisper to write/ record this song ‘Make a Change’ which discusses housing and gentrification. The Our Brixton campaign then decided to work with the young people to organize a ‘Youth March…

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