Best account of our dysfunctional housing market I have read anywhere.

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Over the last thirty years national income has doubled. So has poverty. Where did it all go wrong? Stewart Lansley and Joanna Mack explain in their new book Breadline Britain.

Poverty in Britain is at crisis levels. Food bank queues, poor housing and insecure jobs are on the rise, leaving increasing numbers of people with their most basic needs unmet and millions of children damaged by a lack of opportunities.

  • Poverty has doubled since 1983 – and is set to get worse over the next five years.
  • Three and a half million adults go hungry so they can feed their children.
  • One in five children is in a house that is cold and damp. And one in ten lacks warm clothes.
  • Gas and electricity prices have doubled over the last decade.
  • Meanwhile average wages have fallen over the same period.
  • The knock-on effects mean 21% of people are living in…

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