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Today has seen the publication of new figures for rents in the UK private-sector and they provide an example of “And the beat goes on”. Indeed as i will discuss they provide quite a counterpoint to the UK inflation figures which only on Tuesday told us that the headline CPI rate of inflation was -0.1% or that we are officially in disinflation. Indeed when a rental measure of inflation is added to the numbers as a proxy for owner-occupied housing we only get to this.

CPIH (not a National Statistic) grew by 0.2% in the year to September 2015, down from 0.3% in August 2015.

So you get the impression that rents are not doing much at all or at least not making much difference.

Rental inflation surges again

The latest numbers from Your Move and Reed Rains tell a very different story.

Average rents now stand at a new…

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