Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: “So, You Want A Living Wage? Too Damn Bad!” | shelbycourtland



Have you read the latest? Hell! It may not be the latest, but seeing as how it takes me awhile to crank up my computer to get it running, months may go by before I find out the latest. But now that I have my computer cranked up, what the hell? It appears that Wendy’s is going to fire workers and replace them with kiosks. Those overpaid workers who have been working for an hourly wage of $7.25 just did not know when they had it so good! Why can’t they just enjoy coming to work with ‘pink eye’ and then upon finishing their shift, have a nice, relaxing nap inside a cardboard box underneath an overpass? Why must they need health insurance and a ‘living wage’?

“Oh, so you’re going to shout…

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