Ipswich Unemployed Action.


I suspect that many of the people who read, and comment on Ipswich Unemployed Action, not to mention those of us who are active in campaigns on these issues are not “young”.

But it’s hard not to be aware of the difficulties new generations face, not only the debts that students face for their entire lives, but the enormous cost of housing, the relentless pressures to conform to employers’ expectations, low paid and casual work, and, not least, the way that the Nosey Parkers of the DWP and the various, the endless, ‘providers’ of training can make life very difficult for anybody who doesn’t fit into their boxes.

Young people are not shy about talking of these issues.

Their position has got worse since the Tories came to power.

Last year we signaled the 2015 Budget’s raft of ‘welfare reforms’.

The following items stuck out – aimed at young…

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