Class War In America

Here’s the quickest way to reduce government to the size that even libertarians might like: eliminate each and every tax deduction and tax break for individuals and businesses. Compel every person and organization to pay their share of taxes. Cut funding for war-making by 50%. Easy, huh?

No longer let the Pentagon fill in the sums on a blank check when they want to build bigger and better death machines. It should be obvious: you have to win hearts and minds, something that is rarely accomplished by carpet bombing. Trying to foster the next war to “bomb them into the stone age” would be enormously wasteful, like it is now, but with a 50% cut we would be less likely to launch such foolishness.

Compel all corporations and individuals to pay their share of taxes—not zero, as many have been paying for years. Take an import duty for every product sold in the US…

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