Today it was announced that 256 construction workers would receive £10 million in compensation as a result of blacklisting. Earlier this month 420 trade unionists secured damages of around £50m and there have also been out-of-court settlements. Altogether 800 building workers have sought compensation: the unions calculate that the total paid out will amount to £75m (plus legal costs). However, The Consulting Association blacklisted more than 3000 workers – some on the TCA ‘green list’ (where there is little proof of defamation) – and it’s uncertain whether many of these cases will ever get to court. But there is a much bigger figure to ponder: namely, the list managed by The Consulting Associations’s predecessor, the Economic League (which had regional offices throughout the UK and which survived for more than 70 years). The EL list is believed to contain around 30,000 names. The current battles against blacklisting afford a glimpse…

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