Policing is globalised, as also the cloning of political policing legislation and practices via extremist surveillance laws. A leading Guardian journalist – Paul Farrell – discovered that his communications have been monitored by the Australian Federal Police (the same organisation that UK spycop John Dines worked for at a senior level, investigating Finance crime), As for Mr Farrell’s ‘crime’, this was merely to research and write articles critical of the Australian Government – in particular, its maritime incursions and treatment of asylum-seekers. This surveillance by a state agency is partly legitimsed by a newly introduced (March 2015) data retention law – formally known as the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Act  – that provides for warrants against journalists and includes powers to monitor metadata not dissimilar to elements of Britain’s ‘Snoopers Charter’ (which is expected to become law soon). Mr Farrell’s fate may therefore not only apply to…

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