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This September 2015 video is called Volkswagen’s Mind Blowing Global Pollution Fraud.

By Dietmar Henning in Germany:

VW hands out massive bonuses to company executives

18 April 2016

The granting of millions of euros in bonuses to top executives at Volkswagen illustrates how the management of the auto concern is reacting to the exhaust emissions scandal, which has resulted in massive losses and potential fines. It is not board members and big shareholders, but rather workers and their families, who are to pay for the crisis.

The same criminal energy that gave rise to the exhaust emissions fraud is now being directed against the workforce. To defend their profits and million-euro incomes, the VW bosses are preparing a massive cost-cutting program involving rationalisation measures and job cuts.

Behind the company’s aggressive defence of board members’ salaries, of which the bonuses represent only a small part, stands the…

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