Stop UK lies & corruption

Are you happy for Government to watch you day and night?

Every single day when the snooping law becomes reality you will have no privacy.

Every video call you make.  Every email you send.  Every Facebook message you post. Every Twitter tweet you post.  Every website you visit.  Webcams whether in use or not. Every activity over your phone.  It will ALL be monitored.  Security services will even be authorised to hack into your PRIVATE network and snoop through your files.  They could even place files onto your computer. Are you remotely bothered?  I ask because this will soon become reality and unlike in America, the British public are either unaware or do not care.

YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT The Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the Snoopers’ Charter). Visit and join the campaign against new Government snooping powers.  Send an email to your service provider…

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