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Once again, a viral video forces a rare admission from a corrupt law enforcement agency, only this time it’s an army.

From Agence France-Presse:

The Mexican army made a rare public apology on Saturday over a scandal in which two soldiers and a policewoman tortured a terrified woman in a video that went viral.

It is just the latest allegation of abuse committed by security forces in Mexico, who are often accused of violent acts against civilians, including murder.

General Salvador Cienfuegos, the defense minister, read out the apology before 26,000 soldiers assembled at a military base in Mexico City.

“In the name of all of us who make up this great national institution, I offer my heartfelt apology to all in society wronged by this impermissible event,” Cienfuegos said.

More from the Associated Press:

But the video of a young woman having a rifle muzzle pressed to her…

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