eats shoots 'n leaves

Longtime readers know esnl is somewhat obsessed with the subject of endocrine disruptors, chemicals we’ve created that turn out to be mimics of the chemicals produced by the body’s own endocrine glands capable of inducing conditions ranging from obesity and sterility to ADD and cancer.

We’ve also been concerned with fracking, most notably the federal government’s rules permitting oil companies to keep secret the chemicals they pour into the ground to extract oil and natural gas, chemicals that leach into groundwater supplies or spill into streams through breaches in waste containment dams.

And now comes research that melds these two nightmares.

From the University of Missouri School of Medicine:

Unconventional oil and gas (UOG) operations combine directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” to release natural gas and oil from underground rock. Recent studies have centered on potential water pollution from this process that may increase endocrine disrupting chemicals…

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