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From IRIN:

Spies Sans Frontières?

  • How CIA-linked Palantir is gaining ground in the aid industry (and why some humanitarians are worried)
  • A months-long investigation by IRIN into the secretive intelligence-linked firm Palantir, reveals a cosying up to aid organisations large and small, including a bargain-basement contract with a sensitive UN agency, and a flirtation with the international response to the Ebola outbreak. But how close is too close? 
    • UN nuclear watchdog IAEA, dealing with Iran and North Korea, has contracted Palantir at rock-bottom rates
    • Palantir was close to a role in the UN’s Ebola response, but walked away
    • The UN’s humanitarian arm engaged Palantir on a proof-of-concept analysis in the Philippines
    • The Silicon Valley “unicorn” explored the non-profit sector as hedge against a decline in counter-terrorism opportunities
    • Political and confidentiality concerns limit its success, as well as a clash of organisational cultures

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