the void


Businessman Philip Green, Chief Executive of Topshop, produces nothing of value.  Nothing.  He doesn’t design the clothes his stores sell, you only have to look at him to see he knows or cares little about fashion.  He doesn’t make them either – sweatshop workers overseas, and here, take care of that.  He did not build his empire with the sweat of his own brow but with the labour of low paid shop assistants, cleaners, security guards and delivery drivers.  And that empire is now controlled by an officer class of buyers, marketing executives, stylists and middle managers whose main role is to keep his exploited workforce in line and promote unrealistic ideals of beauty and success to impressionable teenagers.

Even the government dances to his tune.  He is supplied with an army of workfare workers – his former company BHS was caught out using Jobcentre schemes to get out…

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