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You will be abused in your family.

You will be bullied at school.

You will be persecuted by teachers.

You will be abused in your community.

You will be cheated by shopkeepers.

You will be cheated by tradesmen.

You will be insulted/attacked in every social setting.

Your education will be sabotaged.

Your qualifications and achievements will be denied.

You will be blacklisted.

Your work will be sabotaged.

Your hobbies will be sabotaged.

You will be harassed on public transport.

You will be slandered by everyone.

Your property will be vandalised.

New items will stop working a short time after purchase.

Your personal possessions and creative works will be stolen.

You will be denied your rights on an arbitrary basis.

You will be harassed on the street.

You will be falsely accused.

You will be lied to and misled, and kept uninformed, including by professionals.

You will be sexually abused/assaulted/set up for attack.

You will be subjected to gaslighting.

Trouble-makers, crazies and criminals will gravitate to you as if to a magnet.

You will be harassed and intimidated in your own home.

Your loved ones will be driven away from you.

Your family will be separated from you with lies.

Your friends and possible friends will be driven from you with lies.

Sexual perverts, stalkers, and voyeurs will beat a path to your door, then move in next door.

Total strangers will talk about aspects of your private life.

The police will never investigate your complaints.

The police will investigate every complaint against you, however trivial or imaginary.

Your doctor will refuse to diagnose.

Your solicitor will give you wrong advice.

You will be charged for services you didn’t receive/bad service.

Bureaucracies will lose your essential documents.

Essential documents will be stolen from your home.

You will be accused of crimes you didn’t commit.


If all this has happened to you, it is not Murphy’s Law.  The chances are you are a woman, black, gay, working class – any combination.  An honest worker of good character.

This targeted persecution is organised community vigilante stalking.

It is called gang stalking.