After his meeting with US vice-president Biden, Turkey’s prime minister Davutoğlu has threatened to deal militarily with YPG/J, the main ground force fighting ISIS. Davutoğlu made it clear that the Turkish state regards the YPG/J as equivalent to the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party), with which it is at war since the ending of the cease-fire. Currently Turkey has besieged scores of Kurdish towns and cities across Northern Kurdistan (affecting nearly 1.5 million people) and has killed dozens of Kurds (see list below) as part of its ethnic cleansing programme. Turkey, of course, is no stranger to genocide, having been responsible for the genocide of 1.5 millions Armenians. Now, according to Davutoğl, Turkey is prepared to invade Syrian territory to crush the Kurds who are fighting ISIS. Meanwhile news has come in that Turkey has bombarded YPG headquarters in Tel Abyad (Update #1), Amnesty Internatioal has released a report condemning Turkey’s…

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