In August 2014, Islamic State jihadists attacked Sinjar, home to over 400,000 Yezidis. Subsequently the United Nations confirmed that 5,000 Yezidi men were executed and as many as 7,000 women and girls were made sex slaves. Earlier this month the German television station, ARD (Consortium of Public Broadcasters in Germany), produced footage documenting the slave trade being conducted by the Islamic State (ISIS) through a liaison office in the province of Gaziantep (also known as Antep) in Turkey, near the border with Syria. Last month, after Kurdish forces recaptured the area from ISIS jihadists, mass graves, believed to contain the remains of Yazidi women, were discovered east of Sinjar. But the Yezidi women are fighting back. Below we report on a new frontline: the united YPJ (Kurdish women’s militia) and the Yezidi women’s militia – their mission: to free the sex slaves and to destroy ISIS. We also…

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