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Daily massacres are taking place in Eastern Turkey (North Kurdistan) as the Turkish police and half a million strong army indulge in what some may say are pogroms against the Kurdish population, who are demanding autonomous self-rule. Now it has emerged that the JITEM, a secret paramilitary organisation – in truth, a death squad – that is attached to the Turkish gendamerie, may be behind the recent executions of Kurds, including twelve youths in the city of Van and three women in Silopi. (The last section of this article includes details of JITEM ops, including killings.)

BREAKING: 23 Soldiers Refusing To Take Part In Kurdish Massacre Resign From Turkish Army – more

Led by an openly racist and neo-fascist megalomaniac, Erdogan, the Turkish State broke negotiations with the Kurds, renounced the cease-fire with the PKK and began ever growing police and military campaigns, as part of…

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