Lord Justice Pitchford has opened up a can of worms – not because of what will be examined by the Undercover Policing Inquiry, but what will not. The Inquiry will investigate matters as far back as 1968a nominal cut-off date, presumably because prior to that, undercover policing was non-existent(!). There are also many ‘cold cases’, post-’68, that Lord Pitchford is anticipated to ignore. One such ‘cold case’ is that of the ‘black ops’ unit contracted by British intelligence to spy upon and intimidate environmental protesters who tried to halt the building of Sizewell ‘B’ nuclear reactor in Suffolk. Precisely how the secret backers – a peer of the realm and an internationally renown industrialist – of this ‘black ops’ unit were exposed is reported below. Interestingly, one of the backers of the ‘black ops’ unit also has links with a ‘spycop’ (his official status has never been…

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