eats shoots 'n leaves

Call it the tao of spam.

Folks who blog grow well-acquainted with a certain breed of spam disguised as comments.

Some are quite frank about being clickbait designed to part you from the contents of your wallet. But others pretend to be actual comments, submitted under plausible [or not] names, link attached.

These latter apparently work with a database designed to throw in words of phrases linked [usually poorly] with the blogger’s post.

Some of them have something of the resonance of a Zen koan, words woven together in a way that seems freighted with hidden meaning — or non-meaning, Zen being what it is:

S. Thank you for reading my blog. The vegans have removed turkey, actually any form of the franchise is the most important intangible of them all, playing in the clutch. He can of the air then secures it well.detailed callDom Capers, an old Pittsburgh Steelers…

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