Smart meters are coming to Britain. I am sure you will have enjoyed the intelligent, extensive coverage of the impending roll-out in the mainstream media and by now you will be completely informed of all the advantages and related health concerns and effects on your power consumption. No? Strange that. It almost seems that the government does not wish us to be informed until another fait accompli has been accomplished.

All radiation and EMF have health effects depending on the type of radiation, proximity, length of exposure and vulnerability, foetuses and children being most vulnerable. Our bodies can deal with a certain amount but as we are exposed for increasing lengths of time and the electrosmog environment worsens cumulative damage occurs and increasing numbers of us are experiencing symptoms of electro-sensitivity.

Countries where smart meters have already been rolled out, have seen a surge in customers complaining of health complaints which followed the installation of the meters and which they believe are caused by the way the meters operate. The government tells us in its usual smiley, up-beat fashion that smart meters will reduce electricity consumption. Some customers complained that their bills increased dramatically after the smart meters were installed. So why is the government so intent on smart meters being installed in every home? Perhaps for the same reason they want the country covered by broad-band. Control. Smart meters enable a distant third-party to control your electricity supply. 

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