The god of Mammon?

The consequences of society permitting the pursuit of money by any means as a legitimate pursuit, destroys everything – people, animals, the environment, society. Every thing and every other value is destroyed.

The fastest route to money is exploitation. In the employment area profits increase slowly where workers are treated decently – safe working conditions, not over-worked for over-long hours, a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. But the result is a healthy, happy society.

The alternative, slavery, produces maximum profits in the shortest possible time, but destroys the workers physically and mentally and creates a competitive environment where employers not offering slave conditions are driven out of business. The ultimate exploitation, sexual slavery produces the greatest profits of all. The simple failure to provide a base level of decent conditions for workers creates a downward spiral of corruption that infects everything in society.

Where people are treated simply as a means to the end of maximising profit, no other social resource is exempt from exploitation. Even exploited workers need a certain amount of food even for a short time while they are being worked to death. Producing the cheapest food involves ignoring food safety and animal welfare. A society abandoning any standards regarding food production ignores animal welfare raising livestock in the cheapest and unhealthiest conditions – if human suffering does not matter, animal suffering matters even less. Crops are also raised in the most profitable way destroying the natural environment.

Most people in society do not support the principle of money before all. We are all workers. Accepting that we all need a certain amount of money to live and a certain amount of money to live well, normal people support a wide range of other values. We accept moral values. That crime and immorality are not acceptable methods of achieving ends. We support social values. That our relationships with relatives, friends, work colleagues, customers and society in general assume a basic level of respect, affiliation and integrity. Unlike the immoral money-before-all brigade we do not subscribe to prostituting our mothers, daughters, wives and children. We do not view exploiting our employees  or cheating our customers as acceptable. We do not view crime as an acceptable means to an end providing we can get away with it. In short, we have moral values. Morality is not a luxury. It is the foundation on which our lives and the healthy functioning of society depends.

It appears that our ruling elite have abandoned every value except that of permitting the pursuit of money by any and every means possible. The results of these values we see around us. Destroyed, depleted and poisoned environment. Diseased and suffering livestock. Destroyed lives and immense suffering. Society disintegrating, crime-ridden and corrupt.

Don’t think that what you think does not matter. The only shield against criminality and immorality is the alternative mind-set which supports humane, social and responsible values – values which attach importance to and requires respect for life. Not only human life but all life including the environment.

The money-grabbers have studiously removed all obstacles to their smash and grab, including attempting to alter how we think by undermining all moral values, deriding all social values and destroying our freedoms so as to remove every potential for resistance to their criminal and insane agenda. They are asset-stripping all human life and the world. They have a value system and the end result is the destruction of everything.


The value system being employed may well be:-

Mark Passio Explains the Occult and Cult of Statism | The Daily Sheeple via @sharethis