Minding the Workplace


Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week is an annual observation started by the Workplace Bullying Institute to grasp the impact of workplace bullying and what we can do about it. For me, it’s a simple, gentle reminder: The work goes on.

This work should be grounded in an understanding that preventing and responding to bullying at work is a multi-faceted endeavor. Social workers are taught early in their training about systems theory, which explains how human behaviors are interconnected in complex ways. A problem that, from a distance, may appear to be an isolated, individual situation typically links to other persons and organizations, at least once you take a closer look. This applies to both causes and solutions.

Workplace bullying, mobbing, and abuse rarely occur in a vacuum. It follows that preventing and responding to these behaviors requires buy-in from all stakeholders remotely connected to employee relations. They include, among others: Workers…

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