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A Word in Your Ear

Justice and compassion isn’t either, or. A person who was compassionate to one suffering person but ignored another would be viewed as mentally disordered. The alternative explanation is a political motivation. Politics is about the distribution of power and resources, not the application of justice or compassion. Which leads to questioning political motives, influence, pressure and propaganda. I wonder about the differential in justice and compassion of our present political machinery.

Our government gives billions of our taxes in overseas aid on the argument of compassion for the poor in other countries. At the same time cuts social assistance to the poor in this country (who contributed to those taxes). And imposes policies which increase poverty in this country – favouring trans-national businesses over home-based ones, off-shoring jobs, bringing changes which allow rents to sky rocket. At the same time pulls at our heart strings over suffering foreigners while fomenting…

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