Dregs of the Future

Desperately trying to illegally shut down legions of whistleblowers,

US Government fails again . . .

Trying To Rein in Whistleblowers

Government Will Decide What We Can Know (Source)

obama-not-a-crookPresident Obama has repeatedly hailed himself for presiding over “the most transparent administration ever.” At the same time, he has waged a sustained and unprecedented war on whistleblowers, press freedoms and the basic mechanisms of the news gathering process.

But it is the administration of Barack Obama that has prosecuted more accused leakers under “espionage” statutes than all prior administrations combined — in fact, double the number of all prior such prosecutions.

A climate of fear is keeping journalists from doing their job — informing citizens about the secret actions of political leaders.

Join me and say, “I do not condone this, I do not consent.” 

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