Dregs of the Future

The Plan, So Far . . .

We’ll have to do with less so there’s more for them.

The plan is for controllers of global money to further consolidate their power by instituting widespread debt slavery. (Source1, Source2, Source3 )

Join me and say, “I do not condone this, I do not consent.” 

Debt slavery for you and me is the goal.

The elite won’t just take our money, it is worse. Outside of the elite we don’t have that much money. So, to fuel the elite’s greed, they’ll use government to borrow money in our name, at a variable interest rate. Future tax increases on us will be pledged to “pay back” the loans. This borrowed money will be used to pay the elite for fraudulent purposes–million dollar bonuses, billion dollar bailouts, no-bid contracts, lower taxes for the elite, affirmative action for corporations, financing of wars…

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