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Does this this look like freshly cooked bacon to you?

This is a result of gang stalkers infiltrating honest businesses, in this case cafes. The photographs were taken of the bacon served to me with a full English breakfast, the bacon concealed under other items.

Other signs that gang stalkers were influencing the cafes staff before this were deliberate and unreasonable banging and clattering about from serving staff, loud conversations about schizophrenia, and signs that the gang stalkers were maximising profit with extra tables being squeezed in.

Gang stalkers infiltrate honest businesses, maximise profits by exploiting every money making wheeze ever invented, minimise service, require staff to engage in bizarre behaviour, bad service and weird conversations, often replace long term staff with migrants who are themselves often changed after a few weeks on a regular basis, so there is a constant churn of staff – very strange in these days of desperate job shortages where every employee seeks to hold onto his job for as long as possible. This is reminiscent of the way prostitutes are circulated pointing to the speculation that the migrants are slaves or coerced in some way.

The long term prospects for a cafe infiltrated by gang stalkers (sometimes short term. I have seen cafes close or change ownership in weeks) is that the business will be run into the ground, its reputation for providing a good honest service trashed by dubious practices, and the owners will lose their business.