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The same pattern is repeated everywhere – police, politics, teaching, NHS, bureaucracies, utilities, you name it – the social environment has never seemed so infested with mini-Hitlers. It is like a new strategy is being applied to the population at large – at every turn you are controlled, directed, frequently mis-directed, mis-informed or not informed, insulted, patronised, demeaned, subtly excluded, lied to and about, insinuations of criminality or insanity, imposed on, expected to put up with intrusions into your life and privacy, corralled, herded, crowded, cheated, over-charged, given derisory service or none at all. How have these bullying charlatans got in control?

There is no better guide to bullying, the mechanisms, than the late T Fields book and articles on the subject. Recognising the tactics used will explain there is nothing wrong with you. You are just the target of obnoxious social techniques to invalidate and dis-empower you while transferring all power and control to the bully. These techniques are now being used wholesale in society to suck power away from ordinary people into the hands of all “authorities”. A culture of bullying is being deliberately instated.  Identifying the tactics is only the starting place. Dealing with them effectively, especially with anyone/everyone who “pulls rank” is much harder. But you have to start somewhere.