Minding the Workplace

As I have written on other occasions, I hope that we as a society will connect the dots between seemingly different forms of bullying and abuse and understand their commonalities. That’s why I was pleased to see this piece by Sam Ali, writing for DiversityInc, noting the growing public concern over America’s culture of bullying at school, work, and in our political discourse:

In poll after poll, Americans have voiced concern over the erosion of civility in modern life and human interactions, in government, business, media and online. According to a poll released in June by Weber Shandwick, 65 percent of Americans say the lack of civility is a major problem in the country and feel the negative tenor has worsened during the financial crisis and recession.


For a related observation, consider Henry Giroux’s piece on Truth-out.org, positing that America has embraced a culture of cruelty (link here):

The culture…

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