The political system has failed us, both in USA and UK. What is the solution?

We Are Human

2016 isn’t even here yet and already the Republicans are going to great lengths to make sure they snatch America back into the greedy palms of their hands so they can restore their momentum to dismantle what’s left of the nation from the inside out.  Even though their ring leader wasn’t the official president of the United State of America, the very fact that their entire GOP makeup literally bulldozed their agendas in such a manner that not even President Barack Obama himself could effectively fight back.

I am no Barack Obama fan either.  He and his Democrats have also let America down by siding with banks and corporations that ram down laws down people’s throats that benefit them instead of humanity.  Also, since Obama the entire nation has been reduced to a policed state where resisting arrest no longer guarantees your visit to the slammer, but far increased odds…

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