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You were careful to choose a safe place to live with decent neighbours, but after you move in the following happens:-


NOISE  A tenant moves out to be replaced by an extreme noise pest, causing other tenants to move out. The noise pest may also complain about you being noisy, either making perfectly normal amounts of noise or groundless complaints.

CRIMINAL    One or more tenants move in who give the appearance of being/are criminals. Your post may be stolen and you are subject to intimidating behaviour.

CHURN       The new tenants keep changing every few months. The first tenant stays about 3 months, then leaves. The next stays about 3 months, leaves. The original tenant returns, and so on.

PROSTITUTES     One of more tenants move in who appear to be/ are prostitutes.

WIFE BATTERERS/RAPISTS      A neighbour moves in who batters his wife/girlfriend or is a rapist.

VANDALISM        Arson       Fires occur in or near the premises.

Water Flooding       The anti-social tenants repeatedly flood flats beneath them with overflowing baths or showers.

Doors and security gates are constantly broken.

SECURITY         Communal doors and security doors are left open day and night.

DRUGS        Neighbours will blatantly smoke grass/drugs may be posted to the address.

DOORS      The door to your room which was previously correctly fitted, will be filed at the bottom to create a noticeable gap.

SMELLS       Your neighbours cooking smells will be peculiarly obnoxious. I am not talking curry or spices – more boiled socks and dead rat.

ARROGANCE      The trouble-makers are arrogant beyond anything even Hollywood would ever portray. They act with total disregard for everyone whose lives they are damaging – they appear to have some psychiatric/anti-social personality disorder. They are completely happy with their bad behaviour. They also radiate an aura of they are “untouchable” = above the law.

LANDLORD       Where before you might have had regular contact with the landlord or letting agents, the situation will be rearranged so that you never meet, to provide two way communication about what is going on.

COMPLAINTS         LANDLORD/LETTING AGENT/ESTATE AGENT/LOCAL COUNCIL/POLICE  Your complaints to any of the above are met with a polite “We’ll look into it” but nothing is done. Stoney silence. Implications that you are exaggerating the problem. If you continue to complain when nothing is done it is implied that you are the trouble-maker.

Simultaneously, when your neighbours complain about you about absurdly trivial matters or total fabrications, their complaints will be dealt with seriously. Neighbours who are harassing you will accuse you of harassing them.



PROSTITUTE    You will discover that one of your flat sharers is practising prostitution on the side.

BOYFRIENDS     One of your sharers has a large male “following”.  They are dodgy looking characters who take over the communal areas, dropping hints they would like you to make them a meal.

THE HOUSE SLOB      One or more male sharers, never does any housework. By default you end up cleaning up after him and cleaning his room after he leaves which apparently he never cleaned while living there.

NOISE      A sharer is inconsiderately noisy, especially at night-time.

BILLS      In house/flat shares the bills are everyone’s responsibility. Your sharers stop paying the rent but conceal this from you. If you don’t find out in time you may have to pay their entire rent after they have left. They may also do the same with bills. They may steal refunds on bills you were entitled to.

DRUGS      A sharer brings drugs into the house and tries to persuade everyone to partake.

THEFTS      A sharer will steal from you.

INVASION OF PRIVACY       A sharer will enter your room while you are away and snoop through your belongings.








THEFTS      Experienced both by you and your neighbours.



In addition, you may also find a landlord who previously charged below the going rate suddenly maxes the rent and utility charges. The accommodation/neighbouring accommodations change ownership and are extended and upgraded for the luxury tenant market.

If you are experiencing or have experienced most of the above problems with neighbours the chances are you are a low income person, most often a single woman working for a living. Or a gay man or belong to an ethnic group. If most of the above keeps happening when you are careful to move into places with good neighbours who then move out to be replaced by trouble-makers, and it keeps happening every time you move, you are probably a target of gang stalking.

If you have never heard of gang stalking before, don’t be surprised. Gang stalking is something which the authorities categorically deny exists, and assert that anyone who thinks they are being gang stalked is suffering a mental disorder such as paranoia or schizophrenia.

The vast majority of sites about gang stalking are garbage designed to give the impression that gang stalking targets, called Targeted Individuals, are nuts.

The following sites will give you more information about the subject.


There was an excellent site called http://www.exposegangstalking.com now changed to http://www.exposeblacklisting.com, which you might still be able to access.

EVERYTHING I have listed above I have personally experienced.

I only discovered “gang stalking” about two years ago. (I am 63). Neighbour harassment is only part of the gang stalking formula, which also includes slander of the Target which include lies designed to put the Target in danger and set them up for attack; blacklisting; bullying and sabotage at work; disruption and sabotage of education and career; stalking; Identity  Theft; theft of documents and photographs confirming identity; encouraged to commit crimes; being set up for sexual assault/assault; disruption of family, friendship and sexual relationships; framing; constant invasions of privacy on every level; surveillance; harassment; psychological mind control games; sensitising; inducing paranoia; being treated as a social pariah; social exclusion; denial of service; being stonewalled; denial of entitlements – pensions and welfare; financial attacks – being swindled or cheated of inheritance; losing your house; being made homeless; billed for services you did not receive; new electrical items breaking down; bad service; failure to diagnose and withheld or inappropriate medical treatment.  This is not a comprehensive list.

The gang stalking formula is virtually identical to Scientologists “Fair Game”.

The Targets of gang stalking are mainly working class women, gays and people of colour. So classism, racism and homophobia while officially disapproved are being carried on as per usual beneath the official assertions of the opposite, and those who complain are accused of mental illness.

The purposes of gang stalking are unknown, not helped by the official denials of gang stalking’s  existence. Some equate it with police stalking/harassment, and in my own experience police have been involved.

One view is that Targets are Bait, for recruiting people who carry out the stalking/harassment, but having been recruited into the gang stalking cult under false pretences – that the Target is a criminal, and the recruits vigilante activities are helping law enforcement, the recruits are reduced to cult slaves and fleeced of their wealth. The mind bending games the stalkers employ against the Targets are actually a process of conditioning the gang stalking recruits to break social norms, and carry out immoral and illegal acts. This theory points in the direction of organised crime.

Only when enough people who are victims of gang stalking recognise that their dire social experiences are not happenstance but an orchestrated campaign of harassment and sabotage and publicise what is happening to them will the truth about gang stalking become exposed.

If gang stalking is a major criminal con, then the facts about the situation need to be exposed to protect people from being enslaved by the criminal cult. Middle class people with resources and social power in their line of work are the prize recruitment targets.