BBC – Mark Easton’s UK: Putting police in harms way



Thoughtful article from 2009 about the direction our police are taking, which appears to be moving away from criminal policing to political.

Most of us view crime as objective. If is clear if you are burgled or assaulted what has happened – an objective event, and you expect the police to deal with it. But it seems there is a trend for the police to be less concerned by objective events – acts which cause damage, to subjective events – attitudes or behaviours that someone disapproves of.

The end result appears to be that crimes are ignored while police prioritise clamping down on attitudes. 


Police chief warns that officers may no longer respond to burglaries | via @Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11767419/Police-chief-warns-that-officers-may-no-longer-respond-to-burglaries.html