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Number of workers on zero-hours contracts has risen by more than 110,000, statistics show http://ind.pn/1LHTGUA


This is an area which would benefit from close study. The government boasts that thousands of jobs have been created, but what kind of jobs? Unless the extra jobs are full-time, living wage jobs, there may be a fiddling of statistics going on.

There are indications that employers increasingly prefer to provide Zero Hours Contracts rather than full-time permanent positions, as this enables them to avoid paying National Insurance contributions. They also enjoy the advantage of having a large group of workers “on call” at no cost to themselves.

If employers are getting rid of full time jobs and replacing them with several Zero Hours Contracts instead, this creates the illusion that more jobs have been created, whereas the actual process of Zero Hours is destroying full-time, living wage employment.

Is the government unaware of this? Is the government deliberately misrepresenting the employment situation in the country? Is the government fully aware of the effect of Zero Hours destroying full time jobs but is supporting the situation deliberately?