A Word in Your Ear


You are only allowed to discuss migration in one context. Racism. The word used to close down any discussion or examination of the situation.

The word racism is not used passively here, but very actively. The propaganda around migration is polarised in a time-honoured fashion. Remember all those heroic statues that adorned Soviet Russia of the noble peasant and the heroic factory hand? This is how the MSM portrays migrants. Noble, hard working, enterprising people who use their initiative to leave loser countries to bring their benefits to ours.

But the propaganda doesn’t stop there. Simultaneously we are subjected to an endless dribble of how lazy, feckless, work-shy, immoral and bigoted and racist native British workers are. Amazing that the country didn’t collapse in the decades before mass migration occurred.

The media portrayal of each is hardly balanced. What is missing from the migrant stories is how free movement…

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