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 YOUR money. And when you reach your fifties/sixties and need some of it back YOU are treated as the feckless scrounger.

If the government isn’t going to pay pensions, sickness and unemployment benefit after a lifetime of paying close to half your income in taxes (income tax, National Insurance, Council Tax and one fifth of the cost of nearly every item you buy and service you require going to the government) then –  GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK. 

The government is the BIGGEST SCROUNGER and WASTER OF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY in the country.

They should be ashamed. But as they never stop pointing out to us PARASITES have no shame. Has anyone in government ever apologised for the billions of our money they throw down the drain?

They extort your money from you in taxes and then have the gall to accuse you of being a scrounger when you only ask for your entitlement that you have paid for, adding insult to injury. They legally rob you, then insult you  for  wanting some money back.

With every passing day the activities and words of our governments more closely resemble that of confidence tricksters, with identical objectives – to take your money and give nothing in return.