A Word in Your Ear

Who is the enemy of ordinary people?

Our rulers have provided the answer. It’s them. The outsider. The foreigner. The people who want to blow us up.

OK. I’ll go with that. They want to blow us up.. So what are we doing in their countries stirring up trouble, meddling with their politics, giving them reasons to blow us up?

If they are such a problem, such a danger, why have our rulers done everything possible, despite minimal cultural and historical connections with these countries, encouraged and enabled a high level of immigration?

Why when known trouble makers – known because they were ejected from other countries for being troublemakers, and having known connections with terrorism, fomenting it at every opportunity, have they not been deported?

And – and this is a real beaut – after our governments have orchestrated this melodrama, sternly told the populace who did not vote…

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