SatanA Statue of Satan is being unveiled in Detroit. The event is being billed as: “The largest public Satanic ceremony in history.” Typically American hyperbole, we suppose. Discounting that side of things, the event still manifests considerable political significance. It should not be overlooked or dismissed as the nonsense of nutjobs.

This event, a fairly short time ago, would not have been possible in America; the culture would have prevented it. Or so we suppose. But now as we have written, the United States has gone from “In God we trust” and its related suspicion of government, all the way to “In Government we trust with suspicion for God. Satanism naturally follows. By definition, even.

Replacing God with Lucifer is not the only related reversal here. America was enriched as a Christian place, one where the Post-Reformation “Protestant Work Ethic” was enshrined. With that, corruption was minimal. The hard-working middle…

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