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Australian government forces citizens to answer intimate questions about sex partners or face jail time – NaturalNews.com http://www.naturalnews.com/040991_Big_Government_Australia_intrusive_surveys.html


Where to start. On what basis do they do this. Since when has it been the business of government to monitor everyone’s sex lives, and force them to comply with threat of jail. Don’t they have anything more important to do?

Are the taxpayers paying for this? I expect so as any government only has the money it extorts from everyone’s pockets. Aren’t there other things the populace would prefer their taxes to be spent on?

Was this policy in any party’s manifesto so that people could vote for it if they wanted to? I expect not. Any party that did would lose all support as being a bunch of loonies.

What kind of people would want such information, such as is someone in the house alone.

When I lived in Australia in the early 1970’s burglars had gone from simply casing streets to work out which houses were empty for burglary to identifying those where the housewife was  alone, ringing the doorbell and raping her. The warning went out to be careful about answering the door. So apart from rapists who else would want to know who is in the house alone, most often the wife? Who else would want to know about the sexual activities of the occupants? Peeping Toms?

Intrusive questionairres and intrusive surveillance, is there a connection? One theory of gang stalking is that the Targets, implied to be criminal when they are not, so justifying intrusive surveillance in their own homes, including intimate areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms, that that surveillance footage is put on an internet black market for porn, to simultaneously discredit the victims and to make a profit. If so, that creates a very credible reason to ask certain householders (perhaps the pretty ones?) intimate questions about their sex lives. It tells them where to put the cameras. Other people with intrusive interests in peoples sex lives apart from the usual run of sex perverts, are everyone involved in the sex industry. Porn merchants, traffickers, pimps. And slave owners expect to control their slaves sexually.

 I think it is right to question why the government, any government is doing this. A lot of questions. Who authorised it, where are the funds coming from and what is the government’s agenda. And should the government need to be reminded that we are citizens, not slaves.


I notice of all the sexual options there was no box for asexuality or celibate. A questionairre which was a genuine piece of academic research or statistical record would have included these.