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COMMENT – Education OR  brainwashing?

Where has real education gone? Years of experimentation, dumbing-down but the onslaught on education, particularly the onslaught on young minds have moved into a higher gear.

A Jesuit once said “Give me the child for the first seven years and I’ll give you the man”.  The methods of brain-washing – breaking a child’s mind and turning him into a programmed robot obedient to the programmers wishes have been known for centuries, but the methods have been refined in modern times. It seems that there is a modern trend for schools to sideline real education in favour of brain washing methods favoured by cults. Isolation. Unique and unusual world perspective divorcing victim from the world around them. Psychological abuse using over-work causing exhaustion at pointless tasks at which the person can only fail then be condemned for failure. The setting of impossible tasks at which the person can only fail.  Group think. Shaming. Unique meanings attached to words. Constantly changing the rules in an arbitrary way. De-personalisation and de-individuation – most effective in young children who haven’t had a chance to discover their own personalities and attributes. Mindless conformity. Repetition. Censoring of speech and therefore thought. Pillorying and punishing any idea or action not prescribed. A climate of fear.  Incited mockery of any non-conformity however minor. Intolerance of individual idiosyncracies or frailties. Compulsory attendance. Control of time as in removal of free time.  Refusal to acknowledge normal conditions such as tiredness, loss of attention through tiredness, illness, physical, mental, emotional and maturity limitations. The merciless eradication of  sympathy and helping others more vulnerable. Learned helplessness and a psychological dependence on those in charge. Putting the developing mind into a confining strait-jacket. 

Education and brain washing are polar opposites. Education respects the individuality and autonomy of the child and makes allowances for the deficiencies of immaturity while helping the child to recognise and fulfill its greatest potential. Fostering creativity and a healthy curiousity about the world and a love of learning.  

Brainwashing seeks to turn all subjected to it into unthinking, obedient robots, incapable of independent thought and action and emotionally and morally trashed. Fearful of independent thought, creativity and innovativeness, curiousity crushed. Opposed to knowledge and treating the desire to learn as suspect. Minds broken in the formative years in preparation for indoctrination as slaves.

One wonders if social engineering is at work. With 7.3billion people in the world and rising and increasingly open borders it is an impossibility for everyone  to obtain success in life. Has education been targeted for re-jigging to create a mind set of acceptance of personal failure and unworthiness but dependence on the authority providing the individual offers unquestioning obedience?

What is education  today? Is it real education or politically orchestrated cult-style brainwashing for the political objective of maintaining the status quo?