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Tales of Unwise Paths

The Controller studied the photographs on the desk before him. They were of two villages, one of which had just won the prestige of being declared “The Best Village in the County”.

Village A’s shops were mostly arranged around a village square. Going in a circle the shops consisted of a butcher’s, a hairdresser’s, Post Office, clothing, a pub, newsagent’s, hardware, a chemists’s, small supermarket, fruit and vegetables, another pub, a fish and chips, a small library and another supermarket. People were standing around chatting and others could be seen entering and leaving the shops. Shoppers for the neighbouring town were standing at a bus stop.

The square in Village B had a beautiful array of flowers in a large cart in the centre of the square. Lamp-posts were adorned with further floral displays in hanging baskets. The shops consisted of a butcher’s, a hairdresser’s, a charity for destitute youths…

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