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WordPress informed me that on 23rd July I had reached my blog’s 2 year anniversary.

I’m quite pleased about that. Two years and both myself and the blog are still here.

Two and a half years ago my husband passed away with terminal cancer. There were peculiarities regarding his medical treatment in his last months which caused me concern. But bizarre behaviour from a relative sent me searching to Wikipedia reference desk for an explanation. They told me her behaviour was “gaslighting” a term unknown to me, and another unknown term “mobbing” which they suggested I check out. In the process I discovered the term “gang stalking” which gave an explanation for the stalking I had been subject to while a Philosophy student at   the New University of Ulster (Coleraine campus) in the seventies,  my inability to find work afterwards, police interference when I did find work, strange comments and behaviour from people over the years implying that I had been in prison, or my qualifications were fraudulent, which oddly, no prospective employer ever asked to see. The ongoing harassment from neighbours my late husband and I experienced in the twenty years we lived in London, with good neighbours being driven out by noise and anti-social behaviour to be replaced by extreme noise pests, and people who vandalised the property forcing tenants to leave when they were flooded out by overflowing baths, and arson events. Denial of correct diagnosis resulting in witholding proper medical treatment – I was a textbook gang stalking target.

The site targeted-individuals created by British Gulf War veterans who found when they tried to get proper medical treatment for Gulf War syndrome, the authorities denied that any such thing existed, justifying witholding treatment and pensions, was followed by a dirty tricks campaign directed against the veterans and their families – as if the establishment were waging covert war against them. Despite the fact these men were experienced soldiers and not easily shocked, they were shocked by the methods used and the site targeted-individuals was the result.

The other site I found useful is the Canadian exposegangstalking, which is undergoing a name change to exposeblacklisting.

So I started my own blog – this one, originally called “Gang stalked and slandered” to tell what had happened to me at university and subsequently. I soon realised apart from adding my own story there was little I could add to the few excellent gang stalking sites struggling to be heard among an amazing sea of nonsense. But my perspective was slightly different from the sites which describe gang stalking methods accurately and the subjective sites where distressed and bewildered victims describe what is happening to them and pleading what can they do to end their persecution.  I noticed that a great many people associated with me had suffered significant financial losses – they had been swindled out of their life’s savings, their homes and businesses. I also noticed businesses that I had been a customer of – retail, cafes, hotels and accommodation had immediately altered their method of doing business. From being fairly priced, honest businesses, they went overnight to high prices, removing economical lines, upgrading and extending, increasing hours and cutting staff, often replaced by more exploitable migrants. In short, minimising service, overworking staff and maximising profit. Change of ownership and businesses closing down overnight was also common. It seemed my role in all this, which has every appearance of a major criminal racket, was to act as unconsenting and at the time, unknowing bait or decoy. Everyone associated with me told the slander that I was a heinous criminal was giving their cooperation to people whose real agenda was to enslave them and steal their assets. My view is a minority view among Targeted Individuals, but there are others who have also suggested gang stalking is an organised crime criminal racket noticing how gang stalkers take over properties and others who have also suggested that gang stalking targets are not the primary targets, but only the bait to recruit the real targets – for reasons unknown.

As I started to blog I soon realised two things. Firstly as a writer I am strictly amateur. Most blogs I read were written by people with real professionalism – better writers, more accurate researchers, better qualified academically, sometimes trained and experienced journalists. I thought, why should anyone read your blog when there are better bloggers?

The other thing I realised was – you are preaching to the converted. The only people who are going to read a gang stalking site are other targets. Gang stalking does not make any sense to someone not on the receiving end, as the gang stalking methods are gaslighting techniques, are concealed and secretive as most crimes are, and appears to be sheltering under colour of law.

But my view that gang stalkers are not solely concerned with Targeted Individuals, but only using them as tools in a much larger scam which potentialy targets anyone with any kind of exploitable asset caused me to broaden my perspective. I realised that the manipulative and exploitative techniques used against myself and people associated with me were being applied to society in general. Gang stalking method – interfering with mail deliveries. Letters, especially official letters would get “lost in the post” or arrive late, causing financial losses or difficulties, which took more time and resources to sort out, generally with an unhelpful bureaucracy which implied I was responsible. This has become a common complaint with unemployment and sickness benefit claimants, who end up losing benefits as a result and are harassed and abused for something outside their control. Gang stalking method – losing or stealing essential documents. I tried to make an appointment with my doctor in London. The secretary told me I was not registered with them. I had been with that doctor for 10 years. The doctor appeared, very flustered and explained that my records had mysteriously been sent to the other side of London. Welfare claimants are complaining that offices where they make a claim are “losing” their medical records. We are very dependent on our documents. They prove who we are and they prove our legal entitlements. Identity Theft is at record levels, but the authorities are uninterested.

In short I realised that the injustice of gang stalking was only part of a much bigger picture, and everyone who is being discriminated against, vilified, denied their entitlement by society’s institutions the same formula is being applied – the gang stalking formula. Before robbing the victim slander them and make out they are a criminal or not who they say they are. Encourage those in their vicinity to join in the abuse – as in mobbing. Cheat the target out of their just entitlements by any method that can be got away with and justified – however flimsy or insulting the excuse. Charge for services not received, especially utilities. Delay, withold or give incorrect medical treatment, making the condition worse. Use that as an opportunity to accuse the carer of abuse. Have lawyers give incorrect advice. Get people to change Will’s to cheat family out of their inheritance. Break up marriages and use children to harass people. You could write an encyclopedia on the methods used – and they are everywhere. And the targets are everyone. Not only the people at the bottom of the social heap, working class and ethnic groups, used as bait, the scapegoats, but people in the class above who have managed a small amount of success in their lives, perhaps by owning their own home, or a successful business or by being a landlord.

So I changed the name of my site from “Gang stalked and slandered” to “Citizens, not serfs”. My interest is anyone who is being unjustly victimised, very often by the instruments of the state.

The danger of preaching to the converted is the failure to realise the common ground, the methods being used against us, how we are misdirected to struggle against false enemies invented for us, and the fact that the same methods of oppression are being used against us all, by the same class of elite criminals who view everything of value in society as their property and everyone not of their class, a slave.