The formula can be quite simple. For every person who signs on looking for work in every Job Centre – whether over-60, young, mother with children, disabled, ill, dying, migrant, that the Job Centre finds a FULL TIME LIVING WAGE JOB for, that Job Centre and staff are funded accordingly.

Job Centres that fail to find sufficient full-time, living wage jobs for most of those registered as looking for work can have their staff and funding reduced to the level they are finding jobs for.

Just as most private employment agencies now only run with skeleton staff due to the scarcity of jobs, job centre branches which are not finding work could be closed or reduced in size.

Where Job Centres cannot find full time living wage jobs for their applicants, that should become the basis on which unemployment and other benefits are paid. Either find the applicant a life supporting job or provide benefits. Harassing welfare claimants contributes nothing to solving the shortage of full time living wage jobs.

The job shortage situation is totally the government’s responsibility.