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The faces of the forgotten: Heartbreaking plight of the 64,000 black women missing across… http://bit.ly/yYsat0 via @MailOnline


I hadn’t even heard about this issue until a few months ago (I am 63). And only then through the internet not the mainstream media. Which demonstrates how the media controls general perceptions by omission.

On the other hand I have heard of Gay Marriage that other high-profiled human rights issue. Something was done about Gay Marriage, very little is being done about the missing black and ethnic women. The media features Gay Marriage at every opportunity but when I searched for articles on nearly one third of the total of missing persons in the USA being non-whites, the articles turned up were all several years old.

Now, does our government care about human rights or not? What the government wants is what is featured on the mainstream media. Why haven’t 64,000 THOUSAND missing black women been given AT LEAST the same media coverage as Gay Marriage? Why are women of colour’s lives valued as less important than wedding cake?