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This video from the USA is called Women’s Suffrage Documentary.

By Louise Raw in Britain:

Shining a light on our hidden history

Monday 19 November 2012

Our history – the real history of the working class – is under attack.

The wonderful Women’s Library in London, the only one in the country specialising in women’s neglected contribution to society past and present, is threatened with closure.

The irreplaceable student records of Ruskin College, which has dedicated itself to educating so many important labour activists, have been shredded on the orders of its principal.

The Chainmakers’ Festival which celebrates the Cradley Heath women’s victorious 1910 strike has been kicked out of its regular venue at the Black Country Living Museum by a right-wing museum director who finds it “political.”

Too political, eh. David Starkey has been given another series – surprisingly not about the Tudors again but the…

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