Exposegangstalking commented that credible gang stalking sites usually do not last very long – they either go silent or start spouting nonsense. Other Targeted Individuals who have managed to remain on line have also commented that TIs are less likely to go silent (disappear?) if they out themselves. Anonymous bloggers do not seem to last very long. I have also noticed that some bloggers who recount experiences that fall within the gang stalking protocol but seem to be unaware of “gang stalking” also tend to go silent very quickly. Ignorance of gang stalking provides no protection. Evidently gang stalkers are hyper vigilant to people on the receiving end of their activities putting the gang stalking methods into the public arena, even when they don’t know they are Targets.

In the last six months I came across an anonymous blog where the writer in passing, in separate articles, described a range of experiences which fall under the gang stalking formula, but appeared to be unaware of gang stalking. Then her blog went silent. One of her latest articles described how she was in a bar and several black women clearly prostitutes (the blogger was a woman of colour) entered and stared at her, and she sensed danger and left as quickly as possible. That particular article has been removed from her site.

The majority of gang stalking targets are working class and ethnic women, and the gang stalking formula has common ground with the methods used by human traffickers.