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An interesting article about how the UK GDP has been magically boosted by £10bn by the inclusion of the proceeds of crime, a new formula brought in by the EU. The implications are interesting. Why only prostitution and drug dealing? What about major money laundering in the buying up of mansions in London?

And if the government can boast a healthy GDP by including the proceeds of crime are they likely to take a strong line on human trafficking, slave prostitution of children and money laundering? Does this not put the government at risk of being accessories to crime?

 Is this not an accounting trick to make the economies both of the UK and Europe in general look healthier than they actually are? 

Apologies again over not providing a working link. I tested the above link but have no idea whether it works as every time the computer went down. I was unable to access the Twitter link in the article because the Twitter button would not work. However, excellent article with some very good comments.